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610 S. Main St.

Jetmore, KS 67854


9602 HWY 196

Potwin, KS 67123


3524 S Duncan St.

Newton, KS 67114

Nusser Fuels has been a family owned fuel distributor for over 70 years located in Southwest Kansas.  We serve farm and business customers throughout nine surrounding counties.  For three generations Nusser's has offered exceptional service, fast delivery, and competitive prices. 

We have now expanded to a location in Potwin, KS and Newton, KS bringing competitive priced fuel, convenient goods and supplies you forgot during your weekly shopping trip, and delicious freshly made pizza and sandwiches.

At Nusser Fuels, we are here to serve you. We offer a wide range of fuels to meet your everyday needs with a variety of delivery options for your convenience.


We offer no minimum gallon order for delivery;

no weekly schedule that leaves your tank empty;

just fast, low cost fuel to help your bottom line.


We also offer prepay and contract options to help you lock in your fuel costs and budget accordingly. You can contact us for a fuel contract or prepay option at any time of year. Contracts are good through December 31 and then can be converted to prepay gallons. And prepaid gallons are good for two years!


Call us today to lock in your fuel cost early in the year and take advantage of one stable price throughout your peak months!

(620) 393-5345

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